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Angelic Reiki

Embark on a journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery with our Angelic Reiki Practitioner Level Workshop. Whether you're just beginning your spiritual quest, seeking personal growth, or expanding your healing toolkit, this transformative two-day accredited course is designed to ignite your inner light and empower you as a certified Angelic Reiki Practitioner.


Explore the Depths of Healing

If you've yearned to unlock your third eye, enhancing your intuitive abilities and opening pathways to guides and spiritual beings, while gaining practical wisdom and hands-on healing experience to support yourself, your loved ones, and your clients, then this modality is tailor-made for you.
In this transformative journey, you'll delve into various healing modalities, including third eye activation, multidimensional healing, and past life healing techniques. Through compassionate guidance, you'll learn to channel Angelic healing energy with precision, unlocking your innate abilities to facilitate healing.


Dive into the Sacred Realms

Led by seasoned practitioners, immerse yourself in the magical world of Angelic vibrations. Experience profound alignments that elevate your spirit, awaken your intuition, and open channels to divine guidance.". Through these high-frequency transmissions, you'll undergo deep clearing, balancing, and transformation, paving the way for healing and spiritual evolution.


Release, Heal, and Grow

Prepare for your journey with powerful karma cutting and angelic clearing sessions, shedding past traumas and negative energies that hinder your growth. Connect with the Angelic Kingdom of Light through a sacred attunement guided by Archangel Metatron, receiving blessings of wisdom, guidance, and unconditional love.
 Master Your Tools (can you put another symbol in please)
Discover the art of attuning healing tools, including crystals and sacred symbols. Activate ancient symbols transmitted from St Germain during the time of Atlantis, harnessing their power for personal healing and spiritual growth. Upgrade crystals to hold the Angelic Codes of Healing, enhancing their potency as healing instruments.


Empower Yourself with Knowledge

Receive a comprehensive practitioner's manual packed with in-depth insights, healing protocols, and practical exercises to support your journey. Upon completion, you will receive an invitation to join the international Angelic Reiki Association, earn a certificate of training achievement for Level 1 & 2 Angelic Reiki, affirming your dedication to healing and spiritual development.  
After a qualifying period, you can then progress on to the Master Level of 3 & 4 and become an Angelic Reiki Master.


 See what others have to say

"I loved doing the Angelic Reiki! It added a whole new dimension to the experience for me as a healer and for my clients."

“Doing Angelic Reiki, completely changed my life, my third eye completely opened, I started to receive messages from the universe which were received so well by the other people I paired up with during the course.  It is such an incredible course where I connected with my healing Angel and the attunements were incredible so powerful, and insightful, I want to do it all again”!

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Angelic Reiki Journey

Step into the realm of Angelic Reiki and awaken your innate healing abilities. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned healer, this workshop is your gateway to becoming a conduit of divine love and healing.

Dates:  TBA

Course Delivery: In Person in Melbourne and Sydney. Online course will also be available.

Cost: $750 (Earlybird price $650)

What to expect

After completing this transformative course, you’ll step into the world with a newfound understanding of your own healing capabilities, ready to embrace your role as a conduit of divine energy.
Expect to feel deeply connected to the Angelic realm, with the resonating vibrations of love and guidance permeating your being. Your intuition will be heightened, and you'll navigate life with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.
Now equipped with practical skills and comprehensive knowledge, you'll feel confident to apply Angelic healing techniques with precision and compassion. You'll find joy and fulfillment in channeling healing energy, whether it's for yourself, your loved ones, or your clients.
For those who feel called to delve deeper, the path to Mastery beckons. Consider undergoing the qualifying process to become an Angelic Reiki Master, furthering your connection to the Angelic Kingdom of Light and expanding your capacity to serve others.
For some of you, after a qualifying process you may even choose to advance to t

Angelic Reiki

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