It's Julia and Mish here, the founders of Powerful Alchemy.  Our mission is to raise the collective vibration of the planet through teaching, guiding & supporting as many beings as we can to open their hearts to the infinite wisdom of their soul through personal transformation & empowerment. You probably can relate to this because you are committed to enriching & enhancing your studies on your spiritual journey, and are likely, as passionate as we are about supporting our communities.

So, as we launch our Pleiadian light work programs this year we wanted to invite you to become an affiliate partner with us if you feel called to, if you have any colleagues, friends, or family who may be interested in sharing the journey with you and attending a course such as this.

Because we value you and the opportunity to co-create, we would love to offer you 10% of the course cost to you, once you refer a person who signs up.  That’s $380 per course attendee.  You can either choose to write this off against the cost of your course.  Or receive a cash bonus at any time in the future. 

*Please note this does not include individuals that have contacted us directly or are in our community already

If you feel the pull to collaborate with us then we thank you from the bottom of our hearts not just for the support of our business but for creating the continued ripple effect of touching more and more people and shifting the consciousness of the planet each and every day.

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