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Mish & Jules

Julia and Mish, the visionary founders behind Powerful Alchemy, were instantly drawn together by a shared purpose and unwavering commitment to serving others. Through their array of accredited courses, activations, attunements, and both group and individual healing sessions, they empower women to embrace their true potential, fostering self-acceptance and profound self-love.

With a wealth of experience as intuitive mentors and empathetic healers, Julia and Mish offer a transformative blend of spiritual wisdom and empowerment. They intimately grasp the complex challenges people encounter, from the delicate balance of motherhood and career to the nurturing of loved ones, serving as pillars of guidance amidst life's demands. Dedicated to breaking the chains of negative cycles and lifting the burdens we all carry, Julia and Mish provide a path to liberation, guiding individuals to overcome obstacles, find equilibrium, and unearth their innate worth, purpose, and value.

Whether you're seeking to address physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual imbalances, eager to tap into your inherent healing abilities, foster self-empowerment, or embark on a journey toward a more fulfilling and enriching life, Julia and Mish stand ready to offer unwavering support at every step. Their expert guidance and practical tools empower women to manifest their deepest desires and sculpt lives of balance, fulfilment, and accomplishment.

Within their nurturing community of kindred spirits, Julia and Mish have fostered a culture of personal transformation and holistic wellness. Are you prepared to take the next stride forward and join us on this empowering journey?




our mission statement

‘Raising the vibration of the planet through teaching, guiding and supporting all beings to open their hearts to the infinite wisdom of their soul, expanding self love through personal transformation and empowerment’

our vision statement

To provide a foundation for all beings to create the power to awaken, by shedding layers of illusion, shifting each soul into deep love & acceptance of self.  Activating the divine blueprint and gifts of each individual, aligning with the highest divine truth, wisdom & compassion for all sentient beings on Earth


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