Introduction to Pleiadian Lightwork

Create a more grounded and powerful life by learning to master your energy, and the energy of others, and increase your connection to your guides and Higher Self. 

Pleiadian Lightwork - Level 1 &2

Dive into the ancient healing energy of the Pleiades. Connect with celestial wisdom, balance your energy, and unlock your true potential.

Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

Explore the archetypes of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Achieve balance, harmony and wholeness within yourself and your relationships.

Healing the Inner Child

Heal your inner child to release old wounds and transform your life. Connect with your tru self and embrace inner peace.

Angelic Reiki

Experience the powerful and loving energies of the Angelic Realm. Discover the healing potential within you and become a channel for divine light and love.

Metatron Methods

Dive into and learn about the gift that is Archangel Metatron and the profound influence of sacred geometry and the Four Elements Fire, Air, Water and Earth. 

Past Lives

Journey into your past lives to gain insights into your current life. Clear karmic imprints and uncover the wisdom of your soul's journey.

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Crystal Light Healing

Harness the healing properties of crystals. Learn how to work these beautiful gems to restore balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.

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Learning to Channel

Develop your intuitive and channelling abilities. Connect with higher realms, receive guidance, and tap into your innate psychic potential.

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Quantum Numerology allows you to tap into a universal system that brings together quantum consciousness, mathematics and metaphysics, demonstrating predictable ongoing knowledge about our unique past, present and future. 

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